Friends of Ashland

Together we thrive.

Who We Are

We are the Ashland community. Let’s come together to define our cultural values and communicate them to our local organizations.

We’re proud to be a part of the Ashland community, serving our friends and neighbors by providing information and activities to help our city thrive.

What We Do

Our current projects focus on defining the culture of Ashland, Oregon. For example, one common goal is to build awareness about Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) technology in relation to the cultural norms and values of our community.

The culture of Ashland can only be fully defined by input from it’s residents. Please join this conversation. We have created this site for your reference. If you can, please attend our community council meetings, city council meetings, and pledge your support to protecting what you value most here in our city of Ashland.

Join the Activities

  • Join our mailing list. Friends of Ashland is a group of volunteers from Ashland community interested in defining the culture of Ashland and bringing Ashland residents together for activities. Send us your email and we will send you our announcements.
  • Volunteer your time. All Ashland residents are welcome. This is your community, please offer your support. There are so many different ways to contribute. Send us a message with the word ‘support’ along with your contact info if you wish to be more involved or offer support.
  • Define Ashland Culture.
    What is your definition of the culture of our city? Can we define the culture of Ashland in one word? What do you value about living in Ashland? Make a micro-list of the values and norms that you feel best represent Ashland. Send us your input!
  • Voice your opinion on EMF Safety Regulations. New generations of technology are bringing new amounts (loads) and frequency levels of EMF exposure. How do you envision advancing technology merging with our culture?
  • Who decides how we apply telecommunications technology in our city? The community? The government? The corporations? Other organizations?
  • How are we certain that the EMF’s in our utilities are safe and being properly regulated?
  • Are those regulation standards adequate for modern exposure levels of EMF’s for adults, children and the environment?
  • Are 105 foot cell towers and small cell antennae’s a good look for Ashland City?
  • Do we need this next generation of technology?
  • How can we apply it in a harmonious way that brings our city true progress in harmony with our cultural values?
  • Need more information? See our resource page on this site.
  • No matter your position on EMF’s and next generation technology, we want to hear from you. Your opinion matters. Please, send us your input!

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